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The words counselling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably. Counselling tends to be shorter term work and psychotherapy tends to cover issues of a deeper nature with therapy usually lasting longer.


Psychotherapy/counselling is a term used to describe a range of talking therapies to help overcome problems such as relationship difficulties, emotional issues and many others. The process will involve exploring in depth your feelings, thoughts and beliefs in a very safe, non judgmental environment. Through this process you will be able to better understand how your childhood and life to date has shaped how you are and how you respond in the present, bringing things that have been unconscious into the conscious. This can be very empowering, as once we are conscious of what we do and why we do it, we realise we have a choice as to whether we want to change what doesn’t work for us anymore. The therapeutic relationship created provides you with the support and encouragement to make these changes at a pace that is right for you.

I am trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy which is amongst many therapies that fall under the category of Humanistic. Simply put, it allows for the exploration of the spiritual aspect of the person which is not connected in any way to any religious beliefs that may or may not be held. My training was integrative and so covers working in many ways and fundamentally adapts to the needs of the individual in front of me.

Fees : £70 per one hour session for individuals and £120 per one and a half hours for couples


I normally suggest an initial twenty minute complimentary telephone call for you to establish if you would like to work with me and that I am able to help you. I have a good network of colleagues that specialise in different areas that I may be able to refer you to if we both feel that it would be more helpful.


Once you are decided that you want to work with me we arrange an hour session on a weekly basis (the same time and day). The length of time we work together will be totally up to you as there is no contract committing you. Payment is made at the end of each session. I have had experience of working with many issues over the last twenty years and additional training in the areas of eating disorders and relationships.


Due to my training in naturopathy and nutrition, I may suggest further investigation along this route if I believe your issues could be health related as this is not at all uncommon.


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